Credit for tax back payment.

Many customers already know what the post from the tax office is all about. An additional tax payment is due. Basically, it is very relaxing to earn a lot of gel. However, here is the dark side of high earnings. If you earn a lot, you also have to pay a lot of taxes. Then a really high tax back payment may be due, which cannot be paid from the current budget. The thought of a loan for tax back payment then becomes loud.

It is the self-employed and freelancers who share this fate. To make matters worse, this professional group only receives a loan for additional tax payment under special conditions.

Deferral or payment in installments at the tax office

Deferral or payment in installments at the tax office

The conditions for a loan for back tax payments are the same as for all other loans. The credit rating has to be right. This means that the income must be high enough and the Credit Bureau must be unencumbered. Usually it is the self-employed and freelancers and fewer workers or civil servants who have to pay tax. Therefore, a loan for back tax payment is mostly requested by self-employed persons. Whoever belongs to the group of people must first find a bank that provides a loan for the self-employed.

If you have tax debts at the tax office, you should know that the tax office does not normally approve deferral of the claim. In addition, the office insists on the immediate payment of the tax debt. For this reason, many borrowers only take out a loan for an additional tax payment because they have no other option. In addition, they have no use of the loan because it has to be paid directly to the tax office.

However, an immediate repayment can be stopped if the taxpayer can prove that he has applied for a loan but has not received one. The tax office will then approve the repayment with a deferral or installment payment. The repayment is generally limited to one year. As proof that he has not received a loan, he can send the receipt to the tax office in order to substantiate his efforts. The tax office will examine the document comprehensively and offer installment payments if necessary.

Taxpayers should know that not everyone is offered payment in installments. An application must always be made. It is also important to know that the claim cannot simply be forgotten and the tax debt simply ignored. The tax office will then immediately seize or initiate a seizure. For each month the tax debt is not paid, the tax office will add a late payment surcharge.

Important – the loan comparison

Important - the loan comparison

If you are self-employed and ask for a personal loan, you have to face difficulties. This professional group cannot provide stable income and this is one of the three licensing criteria for banks. These characteristics include a sufficiently high income, impeccable Credit Bureau and a permanent job. Often, however, the self-employed cannot prove a regular income. Although he may earn well in one month, in the other there is slack. In the case of a loan for a tax back payment, this clientele must submit a business evaluation or annual financial statements. Most of them are determined by tax auditors and count as proof of income.

With these documents, the bank determines exactly what the customer’s economic situation looks like. Financing is not possible. If the bank can see a demonstrably high income from the documents, it will approve the loan for an additional tax payment.

Before applying for a loan, a loan comparison should still be made. So he sees how high the annual percentage rate is, also the terms and conditions of the bank can be viewed. He also receives a loan that fits his income. Regardless of whether you are self-employed or an employee, a loan should have the same requirements as any other loan. If one assumes that additional tax payments are more likely to be found among freelancers and the self-employed, then a lender must be found who also lends to this clientele,

A credit comparison also shows the conditions that are particularly important for a self-employed person. So the borrower sees exactly who grants a loan to the self-employed and who is more likely to refuse. The loan comparison is free of charge and provides same-day results.

Is the overdraft facility an option?

Is the overdraft facility an option?

If the tax assessment is available, the customer sees the loan amount that he needs for his loan. If the amount is not in the thousands, but is in the hundreds, the overdraft facility for the additional tax payment could possibly be used. The current account of the business account could also be used as an alternative. To use this, the self-employed must have an overdraft facility, which is not always the case.

If the customer opts for an installment loan, it must be paid in equal monthly installments. Proof of the customer’s creditworthiness is strongly recommended. In most cases, a business degree or income tax assessment is sufficient. What the bank needs in full will be communicated to the customer.

Those who have a overdraft facility or a current account should only use these forms of credit if they can be repaid as soon as possible. It is expensive to use and would actually not be necessary if the financial situation is serious. If a self-employed person earns well for several months in a row, he could put himself aside. This would make a loan for back tax payment no longer necessary.

The loan for tax back payment in case of bad Credit Bureau

The loan for tax back payment in case of bad Schufa

Often the bad credit rating does not result from the low income, but from several negative entries in the Credit Bureau. Self-employed people are greatly disadvantaged when it comes to lending anyway, with a burdened Credit Bureau the matter looks even worse. However, the customer does not have to despair immediately. Under certain circumstances, a clarifying conversation with the bank could explain the bad Credit Bureau. The financial situation could also be discussed.

If the self-employed can then prove his earnings on the basis of receipts and statements, a loan for additional tax payments could be approved. This is also the case if the negative entry is of a lighter nature. As a way out of this rather difficult situation, a second borrower or a guarantor could defuse the situation.


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